Leh Ladakh Tour package

Leh Ladakh Tour package

Best Tour Packages for Leh Ladakh.

Topping the wish list of most of the Travellers is the leh Ladakh trip! Ladakh is often called the “Land of passes” and is famed for its snow-capped mountains, pristine beauty, and rustic terrains. To make your experience seamless and effortless you can make a booking from the wide range of Customizable Ladakh tour packages with My tour guru.

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With My tour guru  you Get Best Travel Experience with Budget Friendly Leh Ladakh Packages:

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Local Guidance: Enjoy Leh Ladakh like a local with Personalised advice from knowledgeable locals. Whether it’s navigating hidden gems or learning about local customs, having insider knowledge enriches and authenticates your journey.

Self-Chosen and Driven Accommodation: Enjoy the freedom to choose accommodations that match your preferences and budget. Whether it’s Cosy guesthouses, boutique hotels, or adventurous camping sites, having the freedom to choose your lodging adds a personal touch to your Leh Ladakh experience.

Budgeted Package with Seamless Experience: Discover Leh Ladakh without Losing Your Pocket with a cost-effective package that doesn’t sacrifice quality. From transportation to lodging and activities, provide a seamless experience that maximises value without sacrificing comfort or enjoyment.

24/7 Support: Travel with confidence knowing you have round-the-clock support available. Having reliable support, whether it’s for bookings, resolving unexpected issues, or providing local recommendations, ensures a stress-free and memorable journey through Leh Ladakh.

Places to visit in Leh Ladakh

Places To visit In Leh ladakh

Absolutely, Here are some of the best places to visit in Leh Ladakh With My tour guru.

1. Pangong Tso: It’s a big, beautiful lake with stunning blue water surrounded by tall mountains. You might recognize it from movies. People love taking pictures here because it’s so pretty.

2. Nubra Valley: This place is like a hidden gem. It’s a valley filled with greenery and flowers, with big mountains all around. There are even sand dunes where you can ride camels!

3. Leh Palace: Imagine a huge old castle sitting on top of a hill. That’s Leh Palace. You can go up there and see the whole town and mountains around it. It feels like stepping back in time.

4. Hemis Monastery: This is a really old and big monastery. Monks live here and there are lots of colourful paintings and statues inside. They have a big festival every year, and it’s a special time to visit.

5. Tso Moriri Lake: It’s a peaceful lake surrounded by mountains. You can see birds and animals around the lake. It’s like a nature lover’s paradise.

6. Thiksey Monastery: This monastery is like a small village on top of a hill. There are colourful buildings and a giant statue of Buddha. The view from up there is amazing!

7. Magnetic Hill: This place is like magic! If you park your car at the bottom of the hill and leave it in neutral, it feels like it’s moving uphill by itself. It’s a fun mystery to experience.

These places are all really cool to visit and each one has something special to offer.

Best Time to visit In Leh ladakh

The best time to visit Leh Ladakh is between May and September, when the weather is mild and the roads are open. May through June provide pleasant temperatures for sightseeing and festivals, while July and August are ideal for adventure activities such as trekking and camping. In between May to July We My Tour Guru launches the best affordable Ladakh Packages. Ideal for avoiding crowds and enjoying the scenery. Because of the region’s harsh weather and difficult terrain, it is critical to check weather and road conditions before travelling. September is a quieter month.

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