Places to visit in summer in india

Places to visit in summer in india

Best places to visit summer in india

It’s time to start organising your ideal family vacation to India as summer draws near. India gives you and your loved ones an amazing summer holiday with a wide range of possibilities. There are summer vacation spots in India for everyone to enjoy while escaping the oppressive heat and bustle of the city, from taking in the gorgeous scenery to embracing thrilling activities and nice weather. Make sure you have your travel arrangements for India’s top summer vacation spots before the temperatures rise. So, gather your belongings and get ready for an unforgettable journey as you go to India’s top summer destinations that you will remember for years to come! As a travel company My tour guru, we offer a variety of summer packages tailored to your preferences.

During India’s summer season, three top destinations stand out for travellers

Ladakh Tour Package

Leh Ladakh:

In Ladakh, the snow melts in the summer and displays a Wonderful landscape of bare mountains, azure lakes, and lush valleys. This is the ideal time of year for trekking, riding motorcycles, and visiting new places. The area becomes a melting pot of cultures as monasteries come alive with celebrations, and the shimmering rivers perfect for rafting are fed by melting snow.

The Wonderful natural beauty of Ladakh is well known. A striking scene of stark, barren mountains juxtaposed with vivid green valleys is revealed.

In addition, summer is a fantastic season to enjoy the substantial momos, thukpa, and butter tea that are part of the indigenous Ladakhi cuisine. In the colourful markets of Leh and other towns, tourists may also purchase well crafted handicrafts including prayer flags, Tibetan carpets, and handwoven textiles.

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Kashmir Tour Package


Summer time in Kashmir is Wonderful! Imagine mountains, crystal streams, and vibrant flowers. You can explore historic temples, go on adventures in Pahalgam, and unwind by Dal Lake. Don’t forget to meet pleasant folks and sample some delicious Kashmiri cuisine. Summer time in Kashmir is like walking into a gorgeous dream!

Adventure Fanatics can find a wealth of exciting activities in Kashmir. There is something for every adventure seeker in Kashmir, from paragliding in the gorgeous valleys to skiing in the snow-covered slopes of Gulmarg, from river rafting in the rushing waters of the Lidder and Sindh rivers to trekking in the stunning Himalayan routes.

Kashmir is peppered with historical buildings and places of worship that highlight the region’s diverse history and culture. Every location, from historic forts and castles to antiquated temples and mosques, has a tale to tell and offers a glimpse into Kashmir’s illustrious history.

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Manali Package


A visit to Manali, one of the most popular summer tourist destinations in India, offers a peaceful and restful respite with its verdant slopes juxtaposed against snow-capped peaks. Manali, with its breathtaking vistas, verdant surroundings, and intriguing wildlife and plants, is among India’s most exquisite summer travel destinations.

Manali is a really amazing destination! Adventure activities include hiking, rafting, and parachuting. Discover the charming old town with its quaint stores and cafes. Explore historic temples and unwind in thermal springs. For those seeking relaxation and adventure, summer time in Manali is like a dream come true!

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Summer Packages My tour guru

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